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The WIMBY campaign is a project of Welcome in My Back Yard, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a way to respond to bias crimes, discrimination and harassment in a way which raises consciousness about the principles of the WIMBY pledge.

Pages on this website:

* The wording of the WIMBY pledge is available online and is also printed on the reverse side of the WIMBY sign, which is a small sign designed to fit easily in a window and fit in a standard #10 business envelope, with the words WIMBY printed as white space on a black background. On the back is the Wimby Pledge. The sign itself is not available for downloading. Signs can easily be ordered by email to: Michael Dover at wimby@wimby.org, with WIMBY in the subject.

* A history of the WIMBY campaign.

* An example of the use of the WIMBY materials.

* Guidelines for use of the WIMBY material.

The guidelines are written in order to provide guidance for the authorized use of the copyrighted WIMBY sign and pledge. Welcome in My Back Yard authorizes use of the unaltered WIMBY sign (trademark pending) and copyrighted pledge, according to these guidelines. Your cooperation in this is greatly appreciated. The WIMBY sign and pledge are best used as part of a community response to an incident of bias or discrimination or harassment in a neighborhood.

Volunteers are sought to help further develop the WIMBY campaign. We do not currently accept donations of funding, and have not sought 501(c)(3) status at this time. For further information, please contact Michael Dover at wimby@wimby.org or at m.a.dover@csuohio.edu.

We are out of stock of the WIMBY sign. See below for the image. We will soon print more with the updated pledge on the back. For a copy of the WIMBY pledge with the below sign in an printable 8.5x11 format, visit: http://tinyurl.com/ycahfjkz

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